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Nymph Lake

Edition of 12



Nymph Lake Sunrise

Starting at $1,500

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Artists Perspective

Slowly watching the light from the rising sun dance its way down, from the peak of the mountain, across to the trees and finally bathing the lily pads on the lakes surface in a nice warm glow. That is what I had envisioned the day before when I came to this spot the day before. But never having spent any considerable amount of time around mountains until now. I had no firsthand experience as to the tricks they can play on you. 
Waking several hours before the sun would rise to allow ample time to travel and then hike out to the specific spot I had been at the day before. Knowing exactly when sunrise was going to that morning turned out to be a crucial piece of information. I had another mountain ridge behind me that blocked my entire view of the horizon and the distant clouds that could block the light. I just had to trust the weather forecast and see if it came to pass. Sunrise came and went, with no signs of real light coming into the valley. Just as I give myself a timed deadline to pack up, a soft thin beam of light shines through and falls upon the trees across the lake giving the entire scene the life I was looking for.

Due to the custom and limited nature, these works cannot be purchased directly online. But I look forward to working with you to create your perfect piece to transform your space.

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