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When photographing wildlife a lot of things are out of your control. Often you will put yourself in the perfect spot, at the perfect time, but nothing comes of it because the animal won’t cooperate. Other times it is almost as if the planets have aligned because the wildlife almost seems to know what you want it to do. This owl seemed to have those psychic abilities. 


Location - Sax-Zim Bog, MN

Great Grey Environmental

  • Metal Prints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. You've never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, colors are vibrant, and the luminescence is breathtaking. Also details and resolution are unsurpassed.


    The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily. Additionally, while photographic papers have fantastic image stability, testing results show that the image stability of Metal Prints is 2 to 4 times that of traditional silver based photo papers.


    Metal prints have a metal bracket or brackets, depending on size that are attached to the back of the print, and float the print 1 5/16-inch off the wall when hung.

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