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This is currently a pre-order and is expected to start shipping middle to end of May. Pre-order now to lock in a $20 discount.


This is an improved lens assembly for the Omtech Polar and the Gweike Cloud. It replaces the stock lens assembly and afford the user several key qualities of life features.


Lens is NOT included in this listing. Preproduction prototype currently shown in photos.


- User replaceable lens. The lens can also be easily removed for replacement/cleaning without removing the rest of the assembly.
- Optimized airflow path. This helps in two ways.
    - Reduces charring and burning around engravings and the edge of cuts.
    - Acts as an air knife, keeping any dust/debris/residue from accumulating on or near the lens. This in turn reduces the frequency of needing to clean the lens and extends the longevity of them. 
- Made out of aluminum(air assist nozzle) and high-temp nylon (lens body and lock ring) for excellent strength, durability and high temp/flame resistance. Meaning it can survive whatever you, or your material, decide to throw at it. No more melted nozzles!
- As always, designed and made in the USA, Minnesota to be more specific, with American made materials.


You will need a 15mm diameter 2" focal length lens for this assembly. I recommend purchasing from American Photonics as they make high quality stuff right here in the USA.
Follow this link: 
and use the code "FIOREDESIGNS" for 5% off.


Again, a 15mm lens is NOT included. Preproduction prototype currently shown in photos.

Upgraded Lens Assembly for Omtech Polar | Gweike Cloud

$95.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
Expected to start shipping middle to end of May
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